Our materials cost history management – now establish costs accurately account for variability over time. iCost data can be shared across departments, such as with Sales for better quoting or Operations for assessing batching and can feed into other corporate systems such as Dispatch or ERP.

  • Collect cost information by yard and by ASTM Material.

  • Access uniform, up-to-date costs and history across resources.

  • Auto feed cost data into Quadrel modules and other corporate systems (ERP and Dispatch).

  • Quantify financial performance to improve margins and operations.

  • Simple grid interface allows for easy entry of retrieval of cost data.


Stay on top of your costs

Constantly updating and exchanging spreadsheets to stay on top of cost data? Now account for consolidated costs variability over time. With iCost manage costs by time and by yard for ASTM materials. You can specify by day or by month, and further break down into material vs. transportation vs. optional pad costs. The simple grid interface allows you to easily enter or retrieve material costs across time.

Uniform cost data, everywhere

Stop dealing with out-dated, inconsistent, or worse, irretrievable cost data. iCost shares data across systems and departments. Other Quadrel modules such as iService and iBiz link to your iCost data in real-time.iCost can also feed material costs into corporate systems such as Dispatch or SAP.Now all the way from your Technical to sales teams can reference the same cost information.