The forward part of the CLI loop that sets the batching targets for production. iMix securely uploads materials and/or mixes, along with mix design and mix cost histories, to dispatch or batch panels. Now mass adjust mixes on the fly to optimize design, minimize costs, or swap out materials and instantly push to production.

  • Adjust materials, proportioning, or yield of one or more mixes across plants.

  • Simulate cost of mix adjustments before uploading to production.

  • Upload one more more mixes directly to dispatch or batch panel (production).

  • Upload one or more materials and material costs to dispatch.

  • Adjust materials, proportionning, or yield across one or more mixes in production.

  • Verify whether production mixes are in synch with Quadrel mixes.


Smart Mass Mix Distribution

Last minute material changes at a local plants? Looming seasonal adjustments? No problem. With iMix’s smart distribution, you can replace materials or cementitious amounts, adjust yield, and tweak mixes across plants within minutes. iMix then auto-adjusts yield and cost of materials to local plant materials’ specific gravity and unit costs. Many producer’s use smart distribution to optimize materials sourcing and utilization.

Smart Mass Mix Upload

Manual entry of mixes or adjustments at dispatch or batch panel systems is time-consuming and prone to error. How many times have you indefinitely delayed pushing an optimization or a mix to production due to personnel constraints? Now upload single or mass mix adjustments to production with one click. Upon smart distribution of your changes across one or more plants, instantly push the changes to the respective dispatch or batch panel systems using iMix’s upload function. iMix guarantees that the very mixes in Quadrel are the same ones across your production systems.