Our all-new iQ is a real-time dashboard on top of CLI that provides the tools to proactively manage batching processes.By synthesizing data from across the concrete life-cycle, iQ offers an unprecedented window into ready-mix operations, and features real-time, smart data and a flexible interface.

  • Operational KPIs including material wastage, batching risk, and dollar impact.

  • Patent-pending Plant Benchmarking (identifies plant that is batching most accurately and consistently vs. mix design).

  • Plant Scoreboard that calculates plant rankings versus the benchmark and user-set tolerances.

  • Real-time Plant Gauges tracking material batching accuracy.

  • Real-time batching vs. mix design delta control charts.

  • Tools supporting enforcement of batching policies such as trim water management.


Optimize across the concrete life-cycle

iQ connects previously isolated processes – mix design, material costs, batching, and soon truck activity – into one real-time work center.Now with consistent, uniform data and a centralized window into your operations, you can maximize materials utilization and operational efficiencies across the entire concrete life-cycle.

Deliver Top Performing Products

Did you know that just 1% batching variability can cost you $0.50/cyd? With iQ’s analytic tools, ensure accurate and consistent batching with respect to the mix design,and reduce your batching risk costs by over $1.00/cyd. Monitor product performance at the plant and batch levels, and confidently deliver top-notch products at optimized costs.


Role Based Views

iQ’s easily configurable environment lets you focus on what you care about most, whether it’s real-time tracking of a plant’s batching accuracy for a particular cement type or assessing the previous quarter’s average batching variability cost impact across an entire plant region.

Troubleshoot Batching

Batchmen, prevent rejected loads. Monitor material batching activity in real-time with simple gauges; get alerts on poorly batched loads before they leave the yard; and troubleshoot out-of-tolerance batching issues in real-time.

Enforce Operational Policies

Managers, standardize your batching operations. Assess plant rankings per division using charts and in-tolerance stats; set and enforce operational policies for trim water management and cement usage; and leverage best batching practices by your benchmark plant into division standard.

Track KPIs and Performance Goals

Corporate, set and meet performance goals using pre-defined or customized KPIs; track batching variability risks, reject loads, material wastage, and dollar impact costs by plant, region, project and more across company in real-time.