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Powering Ready-Mix Performance

Quadrel is a technology company driving innovation in the ready-mix industry. Its enterprise software suite for concrete and aggregate management span technical, operational, and business needs. As the leader today for real-time concrete quality and performance solutions, Quadrel gives producers the critical edge to drive profits in a commoditized market.

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Patented Closed Loop Integration®

Quadrel's innovative 3-step process
connecting mix management through batching

It’s a fact, over 50% of batched concrete does not match the original design - this makes poor performance and unsatisfied customers very likely. Only CLI gives you the confidence that you are delivering the original, optimized mix designs to your customers, every time.

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Discover your solution

Quadrel impacts technical, IT, sales, finance, operations and management - powering your performance. Quadrel has a solution to close the loop on your needs. Drill down to find out how we can make your life better.


With Quadrel's smarter materials utilization, design tools, and workflows, you can pump out top-notch submittals and focus on what you care about most - mix design and quality.


Now meet your product deadlines with confidence. Spend more time optimizing plant and product performance, and most importantly, keeping your customers happy.


With so many variables, it is no wonder that at times you feel overwhelmed by troubleshooting, interfacing and customizing requests. Quadrel's modular and robust design promises to make your life easier.


Make your life simpler by leveraging the latest sales data whenever you need it. With Quadrel’s iBiz, drive your sales by getting your customers fast, accurate bids so that they can get the job. By pricing smarter, it’s a win-win for both you and your customer.


Quadrel creates the business visibility and tools that fuel informed decision-making. Now you can stay on top of your highly distributed operations and power performance.


Quadrel closes the performance loop from delivery on the batch ticket back to the original invoice. Now establish profitability strategies that you can actually track and measure.

The Cloud

Efficient, fast, secure. We are the only concrete management solution to offer the cloud. Up and running in one day - access Quadrel anytime, anywhere. It is no wonder that over 65% of Quadrel customers take advantage.

Beyond Quality

Fluctuating materials costs, demanding specs, plant malfunction ... no problem. Now go beyond quality as just "meeting expectations". Catch issues before they become problems and focus on what matters most - your customers.

Competitive Savings

Cost of materials is more than half your cost of business - imagine a 1% increase is over a 10% drop in profitability. Now get competitive by taking control of your profitability. We can save you as much as $2 pcy - talk about ROI.

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Experience Quadrel now

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