A cross-company notification tool. User-specific alerts signal all production issues, identify inconsistencies related to the original mix design, and recommend actions. iAlerts can be delivered via e-mail or text message. iAlerts can also generate evaluation reports.

  • Customize alerts to performance requirements and user-defined tolerances.

  • Easily create role-based alerts to segment by corporate profile (QC vs. Operations).

  • Receive real-time alerts via text message or email, and optionally bundle by time interval.

  • Evaluate inconsistencies of actual batched materials and weights vs. target Quadrel mix design.

  • Identify problematic plants and batches, troubleshoot issues.

  • Decrease material costs and improve product performance.


User-defined Alerts

Concerned about batching alerts piling up and becoming noise, or being unable to decipher what an alert even means? iAlerts gives you the simple components to quickly create relevant alerts for the right people. Now create powerful alerts in a few simple steps. For each alert, select firing types (such as delta W/C) and tolerances (such as 3%.) to setup its rules, add filters (such as size and location) to specify which batches to check, and assign role types (such as plant supervisor) to indicate who receives the alert.

Plant Alerting

Which plants are having issues right now and why? How exactly are my plants trending across the last 6 months? With iAlerts alerting, receive real-time alerts via email or text message, and act on production issues before they become problems. With iAlerts reporting, view summary batch performance by time interval and plant. Spot weak areas by alert type trigger frequency, identify top plant performance to establish best-practices, and observe performance trends over time.

Batch Actual vs. Mix Target Drill-Downs

Now better track material batching and optimize utilization.Drill down per plant and batch on alerting reports to troubleshoot triggered alerts.View actual batched actual versus mix design target amounts by material type, and evaluate against your user-set tolerances. iAlerts’ simple presentation includes the alert description, specifies material codes and types, color codes out-of-tolerance batched amounts, and is user-customizable.