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Published August 27th,2015 by

The new release of the iQ Batching WorkCenter features powerful new cost tools for analysis across plants and time. With the ability to see cost averages across business units or chart costs per plant, you can identify where your plant operations are leaking money and act fast. Email us back if you are interested in learning more!


enterprise view cost metrics

Enterprise View Cost Metrics
Especially useful for executive or senior management, iQ’s powerful Enterprise View lets you pick-and-choose cost metrics such as average cost, delta, and % in-tolerance per material across business units, with ability to drill down to the plant level. Now you can quickly identify where you are losing money.

Materials Control Chart

Charting Material Costs
iQ’s easy to use control charts lets you chart a plant’s batched material amounts vs. the mix design. Now you have the option to chart material costs (including cement, mineral, aggregate, chemical) as well, plus the cost of deviating from the mix design amounts. This allows you to visually identify costly batches and drill-down further to the ticket itself by double-clicking the batch point on the chart.