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Published September 12th,2014 by

Come see us speak at NRMCA ConcreteWorks – 4:15 Mon. 9/22/14, Indianapolis.


Batching Variability and Plant Benchmarking 

Farro and I will be giving a talk on Batching Variability and Plant Benchmarking.   We were moved to give this talk given our extensive experience in analyzing producer batching data over the last year.  Thanks to iQ, our batching ops work center that debuted last summer, detecting and understanding trends in batching performance from operation to operation has become much easier.   Over the last year, a big step in selling or implementing iQ for customers was demonstrating the product’s ability to assess their batching operations; often both the customer and ourselves would be fascinated by the snapshot that iQ presented.  Nor could we believe how variable producer batching was, regardless of the size or location of the operation!  For across the board: who knew that adding excess water (above the mix design amount) was so common?  Why were the batchmen randomly holding back so much water?  Was management aware that a particular regions batches consistently had cement overage – that’s a lot of wasted dollars!

However through this forest of variability, iQ also highlighted golden nuggets of best practices.  For every operation, there was at least 1-2 plants that had model performance: that is to say that they were consistently meeting ASTM standards and accurately batching to their mix design targets.  If one golden plant is already performing so well in reality, then certainly this was a reachable standard for the rest of the operations.  And so we came up with the approach of plant benchmarking: leveraging your best practice into your standard!  That is to say, if you are doing it here, then copy it and do it elsewhere!   The potential dollar savings, not to mention dramatic improvements in product and service, are huge!

Anyway we hope that you will be able to join us at ConcreteWorks or else come by to say hello!  For more information please visit ConcreteWorks website.